Running Scripts at Startup


And other Linux delights. Often there is a need to configure processes to start on startup and to restart on failure. On Linux systems this process is controlled via the systemd init system and system manager. Now, as with most things Linux, there are a lot of sources of information out there. Several of them … Continue reading Running Scripts at Startup

Git / GitHub Workflow for Raspberry Pi

A quick aide-memoire for using GitHub: Create directory with 'Project Name' in Dropbox directory (extra layer of automated backup) cd 'Project Name' git init Create / copy initial files Create .gitignore file for Project git add [Files - if all can use .] git status [Check correct] git commit -m "First Commit" Go to … Continue reading Git / GitHub Workflow for Raspberry Pi

Hiding Secrets from GitHub (or using ConfigParser)

As I get into the habit of using git and github for versioning I need to make sure that I hide personal settings and passwords. To do this I use ConfigParser in Python. It's pretty easy. Creating the Configuration File First create a 'config.ini' file in your code directory. I generally use a text editor or … Continue reading Hiding Secrets from GitHub (or using ConfigParser)

Face Detection with the Raspberry Pi Camera Board

I have a very basic face detection routine running with the Raspberry Pi camera board. To do this I used Robidouille's library functions (see previous post). I then modified the raspicam_cv.c example to use the face detection routine from Learning OpenCV. There were some tweaks so I will post the code below. You also need … Continue reading Face Detection with the Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Hacker News Update: Raspicam & WeMo

A quick update on my recent discoveries. Raspicam I now have a Raspberry Pi Camera Board (Raspicam)! There is a brilliant combo deal on at the moment allowing you to buy a Raspicam, Model A + 4GB SD card for about £35 (including VAT + shipping!)! That's £35 for a device that can run OpenCV … Continue reading Hacker News Update: Raspicam & WeMo