Artificial Morality (or How Do We Teach Robots to Love)

One Saturday morning I came upon the website 80000 Hours. The idea of the site is to direct our activity to maximise impact. They have a list of world problems here. One of the most pressing is explained as the artificial intelligence "control problem" : how do we control forces that can out think us? This … Continue reading Artificial Morality (or How Do We Teach Robots to Love)

Hacker News Update: Raspicam & WeMo

A quick update on my recent discoveries. Raspicam I now have a Raspberry Pi Camera Board (Raspicam)! There is a brilliant combo deal on at the moment allowing you to buy a Raspicam, Model A + 4GB SD card for about £35 (including VAT + shipping!)! That's £35 for a device that can run OpenCV … Continue reading Hacker News Update: Raspicam & WeMo

Face Tracking Robot Arm

Ha - awesome - I have made a face tracking robot arm. The 12 year-old me is so jealous.Here's how I did it (on Ubuntu 12.04 but should be portable to the Raspberry Pis):I installed SimpleCV: - .(I love this - makes it so simple to prototype.)I built this robot arm: - .I installed pyusb: … Continue reading Face Tracking Robot Arm