Big Winner

I am a Big Winner
A leader of the pack
An alpha to your beta
I pick up the slack

A head of my department
Chairperson of the board
A tenured Professor
Universally adored

I command the room at parties
With elegance and grace
I delight you with my presence
I’ll let you know your place

I am president of the company
Director, CEO
I have smashed the glass ceiling
I have nowhere left to go 

I rose up by my bootstraps
Created a dynasty
With all the right bloodlines
And a perfect family 

I am a Big Winner
A self-observant fact
I know what to say and do
Decisive, I act

My backstory is tragic
To ground my success
I overcame adversity
Discrimination and distress

I have an entourage
Panache and charisma
I effortlessly summon Copia 
But know when to dismiss her

I am a Big Winner
My time worth more than gold
Private jets and private cars
Never getting old

I lead with my thoughts
Gold star elocution 
Art, business, politics
An overflowing contribution

I am a Big Winner
Debonair and smoking hot
To know that I am this
You know that you are not

I am a Big Winner
A downfall you expect
But winners keep on winning
For desires to project

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