A Day in the Life

6:30am – wake up as alarm goes off.

6:35am – out of bed and open curtains.

6:45am – downstairs to make coffee for partner and toast for oldest. Toast for oldest has two functions: 1) makes her eat prior to going to school; and 2) means I double check she’s awake and the alarm hasn’t failed or been slept through.

7:00am – make sandwiches for two eldest kids, make coffee for myself, help youngest with breakfast.

7:30am – check middle child is awake, get shouted at by asking what they want for breakfast, maybe read the (online) paper or a book.

7:45am – check oldest is ready to leave the house for school and that everyone else is having or has had breakfast. Remind folks of the need to dress. Get into shower. Try to remember if it’s PE kit day (when I was young we just had our PE kit all week at school – less effort).

8:10am – dressed after shower, check on state of youngest two and partner. Inevitable try to defuse an argument about something. Double check packing of bags and anything special needed for today.

8:25am – end game. Socks. Shoes. Teeth. Bags. Hair.

8:35am – see 8:25am.

8:40am – leave for school. Do primary school drop off.

9:00am – return home from primary school drop off. Do morning meditation. Put washing on.

9:15am – start work.

10:15am – coffee no. 2. More work.

11:15am – coffee no. 3 or maybe a tea. Hang out washing. More work.

12:30pm – lunch. Outside if it’s nice. Aim for something healthy. Maybe start by unloading the dishwasher and loading with the morning’s collection. Read book.

1:15pm – green tea and back to work.

3:00pm – get ready for school pickup. Hit snooze on school pickup alarm.

3:10pm – run out of house for school pickup after forgetting to put shoes on in time.

3:15pm – school pickup (now x2).

3:30pm – unpack bags / dole out “snacks” – try to go for something healthy that isn’t going to ruin tea.

3:45pm – try to do exercise – 30 minutes on the rowing machine 2-3 times a week.

4:30pm – finish exercise, start on tea, knackered. Put radio on.

5:30pm – serve tea.

5:35pm – everyone turns up for tea.

5:50pm – clear away tea stuff. Finish loading dishwasher. Wipe down kitchen.

6:20pm – stop tired children fighting with each other. Try to read.

7:00pm – first bedtime warning shot.

7:30pm – second bedtime warning shot.

8:00pm – actual bedtime – remind folks of pyjamas and teeth. Try to read once everyone is in bed or at least heading that way.

9:00pm – people actual get to sleep.

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