Charting Energy Use with Flask

I have developed a version of the Energy Monitor from this post that instead uses Python to display the data on an internal network. The code can be found here: I use Flask to render a basic template to obtain search parameters: The code on the back-end then connects to my SQLite3 database and extracts the data … Continue reading Charting Energy Use with Flask

Accessing Our Sensor Data: PHP + SQLite + SVG

So we have our sensor(s) dutifully logging their data to an SQLite database. Now we need to process and view this data. LASP First we need to set our Raspberry Pi up as a webserver. This typically requires: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - a LAMP framework. There is a handy guide: here (thanks Dave!). … Continue reading Accessing Our Sensor Data: PHP + SQLite + SVG

Databases for Sensor Data in Python

Here are some options to persistently store sensor data in a database using python. Anydbm For simple key-value pairs the anydbm module looks the best. It stores values as strings. Because of this you may need to use another module called pickle to convert non-string values into strings. For example: import anydbm, pickle from datetime … Continue reading Databases for Sensor Data in Python