Home Inputs & Outputs

If thinking about the home as a system I need to look at Input/Output (I/O) options. If using a biological model the inputs map to senses and the outputs to muscles and nervous system control.

I do not have all these items but hear are some ideas.


  • Energy Monitor e.g. Owl via CM 160 (Owl USB)
  • WeMo Motion sensor
  • Lego Mindstorms Kit (probably coupled to Raspberry Pi via Python bindings)
    • Ultrasound Sensor
    • Light Sensor
    • Sound Sensor
  • Wii Remote via Bluetooth to Raspberry Pi
  • Webcam via USB to Raspberry Pi
  • Withings Scales
    • Weight and Body Mass – via IFTTT
    • CO2
    • Temperature
    • Heart Rate
  • Thermostat – e.g. via something like this – would also give temperature
  • Outputs

  • WeMo Switches
    • Lamps – via plugs
    • TV – on/off (on probably goes into standby – less useful)
    • Kettle – although has separate switch to boil – not amazingly useful
    • Toaster – as for kettle
    • Speakers/Stereo – on/off
    • Coffee Machine
    • Washing Machine – any would need additional input to activate
    • Dishwasher – ditto
  • Lego Mindstorms Kit (probably coupled to Raspberry Pi)
    • Motors (x 3)
  • Audio – via speakers attached to Raspberry Pi
  • Video – Monitor / TV attached to Raspberry Pi
  • Webpage – access via mobile devices – hosted on Raspberry Pi
  • Old Digital JPEG Photoframe – anyway to make wireless via USB hack?
  • Hue Light Bulbs
  • Air Quality Egg
  • If anyone has any ideas or has successfully implemented any other devices please add to the comments below.

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